Mission Policy

Mission Policy

Union Road Mission Policy has been designed to ensure that the Great Commission is carried out by establishing a clear sense of direction, maintaining momentum, and acts as a framework within which decisions can be made.

Purpose of the policy

The policy has been developed to:

  • help achieve a clear sense of direction
  • build confidence and cohesion in the total church ministry
  • promote thoughtful evaluation of issues and avoid making haphazard or emotional decisions
  • prevent confusion, inconsistency, misunderstanding, and hurt feelings
  • Ensure better stewardship of human and financial resources
  • Ensure accountability in the missions programme
  • inform Church members, missionaries, and agencies of the principles by which the Mission Committee operates
  • help new Mission Committee members quickly familiarize themselves with the purpose, direction and operation of the missions programme at Union Road
  • help maintain consistency as Mission Committee members change
  • define the relationship of Union Road Church to both the missionary and the missions agency.

To read our mission policy, click here.