Boys’ Brigade – Company Section (Ages 11 to 18)

Boys’ Brigade – Company Section (Ages 11 to 18)

Who can go?
Company Section is for boys and young men aged 11 to 18 (Year 8 to Upper 6).

When do they meet?
Company Section meets each Wednesday evening in Garden Street Hall from 8pm to 9pm.

What do they do?
During the year, the Company Section undertakes a huge range of activities with the boys.  Each night is different so there is something for everyone.  A typical night begins with squad opening and is followed by the Bible Class in which the boys study a passage of scripture with an officer and learn how they can apply its truths to their everyday lives.

There may be various classes under the ‘Discovery’ badge scheme in which the aim is that boys, through completing various tasks will discover something new about themselves such as a hobby, interest or talent.  The culmination of the badge classes is that over the years in the section, the boys will work towards achieving their Presidents and ultimately their Queens badges.

Weekly sporting activities could be anything from football, unihockey, volleyball, basketball or touch rugby. Throughout the year, the boys also participate in other activities such as mountain biking and attending Ulster rugby matches.

The Company Section also has the opportunity to take part in competitions with other companies from the Mid-Ulster Battalion.  These competitions include indoor and outdoor football, volleyball and basketball, tag rugby and squad drill.

What do they wear?
Company Section wear a special uniform which consists of:

  • BB navy blue shirt
  • BB tie
  • BB belt
  • Dark school trousers
  • Dark school shoes

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Company Section and their activities, speak to Gordon Watterson– the officer in charge of the section.

At the commencement of each year all boys must have a Consent Form completed and returned to the Officer In Charge of the Section which your child will attend.

All uniform will be ordered by the Officer in Charge of the Section at the Commencement of the Session.

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