Boys Brigade – Anchor Boys (Ages 4 to 8)

Boys Brigade – Anchor Boys (Ages 4 to 8)

Anchor Boys is for boys aged 4 to 8 (Primary 1 to Primary 4).

When do they meet?
Anchor Boys meet each Wednesday evening in Garden Street Hall from 6pm to 7pm.

What do they do?
A typical Anchor Boy night is fun-packed and includes games, crafts, Bible stories, music, working towards their badges and much more.  All of this is done as part of a balanced programme that is separated into 5 zones:

What do they wear?
Anchor boys wear a special uniform which consists of:

  • BB red sweatshirt
  • BB navy blue polo-shirt
  • Grey school trousers
  • Dark school shoes

Where can I get more information?
For more information on the Anchor Boys and their activities, speak to Catherine Brooks – the officer in charge of the section.

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